July 8, 2013

Raffle Alert: AXA Fail Proof your Child Education Raffle

It's been a while since I joined (and won) in an online raffle. I've been visiting the blogs in my reading list few hours ago when the latest post of Ms. Tin Dychiao, popularly known as Manila Fashion Observer. At the bottom of her post about a seminar about financial intelligence or FQ is the link to a very exciting raffle entry. 

I followed the link and joined.. and now keeping my fingers crossed haha. I claim it! I will win this raffle. 

The prizes are just amazing! Gymboree package, Mind Museum and Manila Ocean Park passes, school supplies from National Bookstore and even a trip to Legoland Malaysia. How cool is that?! So, mom and dads, out there, join the raflle now! :D 

or this Rafflecopter Link:

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