October 24, 2014

Talaang-Buhay: My Newest Space in the Web

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After a short blogging break, I decided to try blogging using my native language, Filipino.  The blog is called Talaang-Buhay. Talaan is my first attempt to blog in Filipino/Tagalog. My objective is to share snippets of my colorful childhood in a rural community as well as the challenging life in an urban setting since teenage years until now. 

Here's the screenshot of my newest blog:

To my readers and followers, I am appealing to you... Please do visit my website. Thank you so much! 

Happy weekend! 

October 21, 2014


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Thea's project in English is donation of old or new storybook. I went home early yesterday and bought a book from a local bookstore. I bought a Wizard of Oz book which is re-published by a Filipino publisher, priced only Php99.75. 

Here's the photo of the book I got from Lampara Books website 

I like how the publisher created a easy-to-read versions of classic novels. While browsing the book at home, we noticed a Glossary of terms and study guide at the second to the last page. Then, a list of over 50 (i think) tittles from the Illustrated Classics Collection on the last page. Thea and Yohan said that they want copies of some of the books in the list. So, we agreed to have a book hunting trip soon.

By the way, her teacher instructed that they have to write a dedication for the readers in the book. Here is Thea's dedication:
Dear Readers, 
                 I've seen the "Wizard of Oz" play and I liked it. Hope you'll enjoy the book version, too.

                                                                                                 much love,

                                                                                                 Yasmin Zaballa

October 16, 2014

Home Improvement Project 2014

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We started our home improvement plan last year. So far, we have completed the renovation of second floor which include conversion of former bedroom into a living room, and repainting.  We bought a new sala set. Unfortunately, after a number of jumping of the kids in the large couch, it is slowly wearing out, hence, it's no longer comfortable to sit on it.  Purchase of new and sturdy sofa will be scheduled later, anyway it is not our priority now. 

Our project this year will be the replacement of the 9-year old refrigerator and installation of shelves for additional storage, a must-have in small apartments like ours. 

Take a look at my inspiration board for shelves and cabinet design.  

*photos are not mine

October 1, 2014

GSP-Mandaluyong Council Star Badge Fair 2014

Girl Scouts of the Philippines-Mandaluyong Council Star and Junior Badge Fair was originally scheduled last September 20, 2014 but postponed due to inclement weather. It was conducted yesterday at the Mandaluyong Elementary School Gymnasium. 

Thea participated in the said event. I took a half day off from work and accompanied her. Even though she already experienced this last year , she was very excited for another round of challenges and additional badges. She already have four badges for completing last year's challenges. 

After the preliminary activities like invocation, Star Scouts Promise, and Troop Yell, each troop/school consist of more or less 20 Girl Scouts visited the stations one by one. There were seven stations representing the seven themed challenges which include Spirituality and Well-Being, Preparedness, Heritage and Citizenship, Family Life, Arts, Environment, and World Community. Each participant will receive badges corresponding the completed challenges. To know more about these challenges, read the Eight-Point Challenge at the official website of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines .  

Here are the snapshots of the event. 

presenting their troop yell

the girls listening attentively during the knot tying session

 they went outside to look for plants and animals that start for letters A-Z

Thea's artwork: an owl made up of brown paper bag and color paper cut-outs.  She made a smaller version of this at home last night and gave it to Yohan. 

It is really important to involve our children in activities like this. Aside from additional experiences, the badge fair as a whole, will help the children to be well-rounded and responsible citizens.

Congratulations to Thea for another job well done! Kudos, also to the other participants and organizers of the event. 
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