July 2, 2014

I'm Back...

It has been a month since my last blog update. As usual, I have been busy offline. In fact, I have so many stories to share, just don’t know where to start. The main reason of my temporary hibernation is that I've encountered so much challenges, professionally and personally speaking.

Now, my blogging mojo is back and I am happy to announce that things are slowly falling into place. I have learned many lessons from the things that happened during the past few months. I realized that we should never invest too much emotion in one thing because we will end up hurting ourselves. That's so typical of me in the past. Likewise, I learned a lot about genuine friendship, about choosing the right person to be with and tell our stories. 

Blessings are continuously pouring in and I am constantly praying that He will be always at my side in every step of the way.

Let me end this short blog entry by sharing this motivational quote from Helen Keller. 

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
                                                                                                     - Helen Keller

April 23, 2014

I Choose to be Happy

source: Google +

Forgive me for the lack of blog updates... I promise to be back as soon as things are back to normal (again).

April 7, 2014

My Herbs Withered...and I just found out why

If you have read my previous posts about gardening, you have learned that I already planted some herbs in my mini garden. Sad to say, my pepper mint, parsely and rosemary withered. I was busy during the past two weeks and forgot to water them regularly :( only the spearmint remained but I'm not satisfied by its current "look". So, I conducted a little research  and consulted Mr. G. 

I bumped into a very informative blog and here is the excerpt from the article: 

  1. Newbie herb gardeners can go wrong in seed to seedling transition, so begin planting herbs from seedlings which can be bought in nurseries and plant growers. I'm lucky enough to have an easy access to plant nursery so I can replace the withered plants easily. 
  2. Starting with wrong varieties. I'm one of those gardeners who failed with starter plants. The author of the article suggested starting with basil, which is considered as the perfect trainer herb. The reasons: basil grows quickly and though basil leaves wilt visibly when not watered enough, it recovers well if watered regularly again. 
  3. Watering herbs like houseplants. While houseplant grow beautifully with one solid watering per week, herbs (especially the delicate ones) require moderate and regular watering. This is particularly true during hot summer months.... That is why I told you in the title of this post that I already figured out what went wrong. My herbs were under-watered :(
  4.  Not cutting early and often.
  5. Taking the leaves from the wrong place. It is recommended to leave the large old leaves at the bottom of the plant when pruning. 
  6. Letting your plants too randy. If your want more leaves, keeping cutting off the little flower buds whenever you see them because it will encourage the plant to focus on growing more leaves. (mental note: I will do this later to my spearmint in order to save that lone plant from withering hehe) 
  7. Using tired soil with no nutrients. 
  8. Sticking too long in one or two herbs for a long time. Once you have mastered growing basil, the author suggested to try rosemary, oregano, mint, and thyme. Now I'm reminded again to buy a basil seedling to try these tips and see what will happen to my herb gardening experience. 
  9. Read the labels (or conduct a simple research). I know there are mints have several varieties, oregano, and parsley, too. 
  10. There are herbs that grow enormously, so beware (of mints, oregano and rosemary, for instance) for they can take over your whole garden or even your neightbor's garden especially when planted in the ground. Plant them in pots instead. 
If you want to read the full article, you may visit this website  

March 27, 2014

Celebrating My Daughter's Academic Achievements

March and April are the months for recognition and graduation rites in the Philippine academic calendar. My daughter's school, Maranatha Academy - Mandaluyong City conducted their Thanksgiving and Recognition Day yesterday, March 26.

Thea consistently belonged to the honor rolls from first to fourth quarter of  this school year. Yesterday, she got three awards - Most Friendly, Best in Filipino, and Third Honor. My husband and I attended the ceremony. We are so thrilled to witness our daughter's fruit of  hard work. Though we had lots of ups and downs when it comes to building a good study habit given that she is a playful kid who kinda hate memorization and would trade study time with memorizing a song or by just being glued in front of TV watching her favorite cartoons. Doing her homework and reviewing for exams are a bit challenging for us. Despite all of these, we managed to keep up with school requirements and get good grades on periodical exams. She participated in extra-curricular activities, too. Their school implements a 70-30 points system in determining student's performance. It means that 70% of grade comes from periodical exams and quizzes and 30% comes from extra-curricular activities participation. 

I am very happy because the husband was able to witness our daughter's achievements. He's out of the country most of the time and physically absent during recognition days or other school activities. 

Thea got 3 awards - Most Friendly, Best in Filipino, and 3rd Honor 

 Papa and the awardee... Thea and her classmates performed a folk dance called Dagit-Dagit

souvenir shot at the Kaban ng Hiyas lobby (Mandaluyong City Hall)

at North Park Restaurant, while waiting for our order 

During the ceremony, I remembered my elementary and high school days, being a consistent honor student from Grade 3 to Second Year high school. Once it was my parents who were excited and proud of my awards, now it's me and my husband celebrating our daughter's achievements. Once it was my mom who adorned the medals to me, now it was me who went up the stage with Thea and did the same. I felt like I'm the happiest mommy on earth.

Congratulations again to Ate Thea, Keep up the good work, anak!

Thanks to all who greeted us personally and those who posted their messages on Facebook. :)

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